Client Charter of the Town Services and Health Department :
Strive to serve towards a quality achievement in healthcare through enforcement and licensing:

1. To issue result of Business Licence Application within the following time period:
    i) Banner/Bunting within 1 day
    ii) Composite Licence (premise and premise advertisement) :-
         a) Non-high risk – 1/7 working day/days
         b) High risk – 15 working days
2. To issue result of Hawkers Licence within the following time period:-
i) Sidewalk stalls – 1/7/15 working day/days
ii) Static Hawkers - 1/7/15 working day/days
iii) Mobile Hawkers – 1 – 7 working days
3. To issue result of Market Licence application within 1-7 working day/days;
4. To issue result for Licence Renewal application within 1 year by referring to the issuance date of licence approval.
5. To issue result for licence cancellation within 14 working days