The hawkers sector has developed rapidly in line with the increase in population in this district. The existence of hawkers and petty traders has contributed to the development processes enjoyed by the residents. Although this sector is not considered to be a part of the formal economic institution, the contributions and roles of the hawkers and petty traders are vital in upholding the well-being of the residents. Thus, the Taiping Municipal Council has provided many opportunities for the traders by providing several venues for the hawkers and petty traders to generate their income. Among them are the Morning and Nights Markets, Ramadhan Bazaar, Aidilfitri Bazaar, as well as other festivities. Apart from that, the Taiping Municipal Council has also issued business licences to the Static Hawkers, Mobile Hawkers, Roadside Stalls, Markets and others according to the stipulated conditions.

The activities for static and mobile hawkers such as stands, night markets, morning markets and daily markets are developing rapidly in the areas of the Council. All communities have indicated their interests to be involved in this activity. Participation from the Bumiputera has also increased up to more than 30%. Apart from that, MPT is also regulating the activities of the hawker centre established private sector. The Council also organises several series of mandatory courses for the hawkers and food handlers, emphasising on the 5K concept, which are Kebersihan, Kesihatan, Keselesaan, Keindahan dan Kesopanan (Cleanliness, Health, Comfort, Beauty and Courtesy).