Taiping Municipal Council History

Taiping Municipal Council (TMC) was established on 1 September 1979, when Act 1714, Local Government Act 1976 was written. TMC, with the area of 186.46 sq km, is a combination of eight Local Government Administration Boards. This area encompasses the town centre and fringes.
Development history of Taiping administration:

* 1874 The establishment of the Sanitary Board

* 1930 Township Board was established through Board Act Chapter 137

* 1956 Financial Autonomous Municipal Council ( with an area of 33.67 sq km)

* 1/7/1977 Local Authority Administration Board (with an area of 33.67 sq km)

* 1/9/1979 The establishment of Taiping Municipal Council (with an area of 139.89 sq km)

Taiping Municipal Council role is to plan and pattern the future of the Council area in providing the municipal services to fulfil the basic requirements of the community in the area. To achieve this aspiration, TMC has formulated its vision, that is to make Taiping Municipal Council area a peaceful, beautiful, organized and dynamic area.


Quality Service, Satisfied Clients


Ensuring a progressive Taiping Municipal Council to make Taiping Town a pleasant place to live in.


Excellence all the time.

Quality Policy

Creating a committed administration system to provide an efficient service to satisfy the clients with the set standards.


Ensuring the Taiping Municipal Council community comfort by the enhancement of the service quality, planning and control, as required, in line with the current government policies.

Administration Area

TMC administration area covers an area of 186.46 sq km i.e. 18,646 hectares. 16.46 sq km comprises of 12 areas :-


Batu Kurau


Pengkalan Aur






Assam Kumbang


Sungai Limau




Bukit Gantang






Bandar Taiping


Sungai Tinggi


111.47 sq km of the area is the operation area i.e. the area that receives the municipal services and is charged the annual assessment tax. 74.99 sq km is a control area i.e. the area that is not provided with the municipal services, but with controlled development.

Total Population

198,112 peoples

Total Holdings


Total Shops

4,319 unit

Total Housing Estates


Administration Area

  • Controlled (area that is not provided with service but with controlled development) 95.75 sq km i.e. 9,575 hectares.
  • Controlled and serviced (operation area i.e. area where service is provided and assessment tax is charged) 90.71 sq km i.e. 9,071 hectares.
  • Local Plan – 125 sq km i.e. 12,500 hectares.
  • Larut Matang – 1355.99 sq km i.e. 135,599 hectares.

According to the year 2000 census, the Taiping Municipal Council population is 198,112, and the population growth rate for the years 1991 – 2000 were


Larut Matang





Bilangan Kediaman



Jumlah Isi Rumah



Taiping has the highest humidity level with the temperature of 27.7 degree Celsius, and the average rainfall of 4,199 mm per year.

Administration System

Taiping Municipal Council has a financial autonomous power and is an organisation that provides local authority services to Taiping Town and its operation areas. The overall TMC area is now 116.46 sq km and to realise its mission and vision of making Taiping progressive through an efficient, friendly and quality service, TMC has organised an administration and management strategies in line with the current development and requirement.

Taiping Municipal Council practices 3 levels of administration and management:-

Policy Making and Decision Making Council
The Council comprises of Taiping Municipal Council Yang Dipertua and 23 appointed Council Members as the local community representatives.

Advisory and Technical Committee

• General Purposes Committee.
• Financial Management and Accounts Committee
• Transportation and Traffic Committee.
• Sanitation, Licensing and Hawkers Committee.
• Beautifying, Recreation, Zoo and Tourism Committee.
• Health and Town Services Committee.
• Project Development Committee
• Opening Tender Committee.
• Planning and Development Control Committee.
• Tender Board.
• Appointment and Promotion Board.
• Disciplinary Board.
• Disposal Board.
• Full Meeting.

Implementation Administration and Valuation
The Municipal Council has entrusted 9 departments to implement and enforce the policies and decisions made by the Council..

Local Plan

Continuing from Larut Matang, Selama and Kerian Structure Plan, and in line with Section 12, Act 172, the Council has prepared Taiping Local Plan, in cooperation with Town and Rural Planning Department (Centre Branch) and consultants. The Local Plan is a comprehensive and detailed plan of part of the Council area. The proposed direction and development will be based on the Policy and General proposal of the Larut Matang, Selama and Kerian Structure Plan. This Local Plan has been gazetted on 30 August 1995 and adopted by the Council on 1 March 1996.
The Local Plan encompasses the following aspects:-

* Land Use and Industry
* Town Centre and Businesses
* Housing and Community Facilities
* Environment
* Landscape

To control an organized usage of land, the zoning areas have been identified:-

Zon Industri

Kawasan Kamunting, Tupai, Perindustrian Simpang dan Kampung Boyan (Industri Ringan).

Zon Rekreasi

Kawasan Kamunting, Tupai, Perindustrian Simpang dan Kampung Boyan (Industri Ringan).

Zon Perdagangan

Bandar Taiping, Kamunting dan Simpang.

Zon Kediaman

Di sekitar kawasan Simpang, Kamunting, Pengkalan Aur dan Assam Kumbang

Zon Perlancongan

Trong, Batu Kurau, Matang dan Changkat Jering.