Organizational Functions – TMC

  1. Planning and controlling the development, including approving the Layout Plan, Site Plan and Restructuring Planning Plan.
  2. Controlling the buildings, including approving the Building Plan.
  3. Permit Application and issuing Certificate of Fitness for Occupation.
  4. Licensing and controlling business premises, temporary permits, hawkers and advertisements licenses.
  5. Providing services, food quality control, food sale centres hygiene and contagious diseases control.
  6. Monitoring and maintaining the town and interesting landscapes.
  7. Constructing and maintaining the drainage and traffic systems.
  8. Providing and maintaining the public facilities such as the markets, halls, sports complexes, swimming pool, children playground, bus stops and others recreational facilities.
  9. Managing and maintaining the zoo.
  10. Continuously upgrading the basic facilities and community socioeconomic to a higher level.