Heritage buildings in Taiping are mostly government buildings and shop houses where the architecture is English-influenced. There are 83 shop houses and 34 public buildings in Taiping. The shop houses are the most obvious and important landmarks in Taiping. They are imported from China, influenced by the colonial architecture that grew in the 16th century to the mid-20th century. The colonial architectures are brought in by the European colonialists like the Portuguese, Dutch and English that have been modified to suit Malaysian climate.

The popular architectures are Utilitarian, Neo-Classical, Palladian, Minnan, Modern and others. One of the uniqueness of the heritage buildings here are that most of the concrete buildings in Larut were constructed much earlier that the other places in the Peninsula.
According to general opinion, Taiping town was already filled with bricks buildings and houses when houses in Kuala Lumpur were still shabby and made of wood. The shop houses' and government buildings' designs still look intact and interesting, and visitors could experience the nostalgic glory of old Taiping through these heritage buildings.