Perak Museum was founded by Sir Hugh Low in 1883, and hence iis the oldest museum in this country. It exhibits various collections of zoology and herbarium specimens, and Malay cultural objects. The construction of the museum was carried out in stages where the first phase began in 1883 and completed in 1886. The next phase began in 1889 with the construction of the front and back porches.
In 1900, the original building was connected to the Exhibition Hall at the back, and the construction was fully completed in 1903.

The museum was initiated by Perak Resident, Sir Hugh Low and the first museum curator was Leonard Wray Jr. The Moorish architecture museum is a centre for research, collection and preservation of the local cultural assets and the natural history.   

This museum, which is administered by the Museum and Antiquity Department, has a complete and best orang asli's collection as its main attraction. Apart from that, there are also British equipments which were from the previous era like ship anchor, monument, airplane and trishaw.  

The facilities provided are:

    * Public toilet
    * Car park
    * Information counter
    * Mini library
    * Telephone booth

It is the first museum in Malaysia and was fully completed in 1903.

For further information, please contact:
Middle Territory Museum and Antiquity Department,
Perak Museum
Jalan Taming Sari, 34000 Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzuan.
Tel : 05-807 2057

Do You Know?
Perak Museum has a collection of taxidermied animals like wild ox, bird species, deer and others.