A Taiping began as a small tin-mining town until it became the first capital of Perak. It is so rich historically that it is now known as the Heritage Town. At the beginning, Taiping was known as Klian Pauh. The town which began only as a small Malay settlement attracted a lot of foreigners due to the discovery of tin in that area.

The tin was first discovered when Long Jaafar's elephant, called Larut, was smeared with mud which contained the mineral. Hence the district is called Larut, a namesake after the elephant.  

Taiping town, located in Perak, was previously known as Klian Pauh. The name was changed to Taiping at the end of Perang Larut in 1874. Taiping originates from a Chinese word "Tai-Peng" meaning 'forever peaceful'.

After Pangkor Treaty on 20 January 1874, Taiping had become an important town in Perak as British administration centre. It is also one of the oldest town in Malaysia.
In 1874, the Hygiene/Health Board was formed to administer Taiping town. The Board function was formulated to enhance the function of Taiping town itself. Nowadays, Taiping is the second biggest town after Ipoh City.

Taiping Municipal Council is located in Larut Matang District that includes 12 subdivisions:

1. Assam Kumbang
2. Jebong
3. Tupai
4. Bandar Taiping
5. Pengkalan Aur
6. Simpang
7. Sungai Limau
8. Bukit Gantang
9. Trong
10. Sungai Tinggi
11. Batu Kurau
12. Kamunting